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AXE: Body Spray

2023 BC Sprint Winner


The Martin Agency asked us to get Gen Z men excited to go buy AXE in stores.

In the past AXE has pitched attraction as the best source of confidence. But, attraction certainly isn’t reliable for the pockmarked mid-puberty men who make up their core audience. We found a better source, and our strategy — Realign Gen Z men with the strongest source of confidence: their friends.


The Experience

STEP 1:  Buy a can of AXE and scan the code.

STEP 2: Submit one of the current dares.

Dares and smaller prizes are rotated and awarded frequently, while the big ticket prizes are completely one-of-a-kind.

STEP 3: Win epic prizes and experiences.

These prizes allow AXE to insert itself into subcultures and build authentic social credibility.

Awareness: We tease the dares in stores...

...and promoted prizes with placements on TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube Shorts.

Snapchat: Create a localized Discover Page to showcase participant videos.

YouTube: Influencer Content

Recommended Influencers:

Pitch Video:

CW: Ryan King
ST: Will Russell
ST: Sabelle Chambers
XD: Paul Noonan
XD: ShuHan Tu