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The Leftovers

Banquet: Keeping Friends Friendly

An app made by friends, for friends. A mobile app that takes everyone’s opinions into consideration. You simply set a date, time and occasion, send a quick survey to your friends, and our AI generates the best possible place for your group to dine.

XD: Alexis Caravas | CW: Cameron Sharer

The Bachelor x 19 Crimes Wine

The Bachelor pairs with 19 Crimes to highlight the shows worst offenders. Bachelor Nation has the power to bring back their favorite villain by purchasing “Rejection Rosé”. The villain that generates the most sales, has a second shot at love and will be featured on the next season.

CW: Miles Hanson

Carvana: Take the Wheel

Co-AD: Alex Fried | CW: Erica Mendel

Paper Source: Interactive Billboard

1 in 5 users spend about 4.5 hours on their phones everyday and an even larger amount consider themselves addicted to their phones. Paper Source believes you should unplug and create. Consumers can use the touch screen billboard to create a piece of oragami that is then printed to take with them.

CW: Nina Stitt