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Most people would flake at the sign of dry skin, but EOS is anything but callous. That’s because we know you can’t be smooth unless you love yourself at your roughest.

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Product Innovation: Gift Sets

Partnership: EOS + Vital Proteins Collagen Powder

Texas Roadhouse

Texas is famous for its cowboys.
Texas Roadhouse is famous for its steak.
Rumor has it, steak is made from cows.

Why else would the word "cow" be in "cowboy" if it weren't for their love of steak?
(don’t actually answer that)


Video Spots

Stunt: Meat-Based Plant Substitutes 

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Caption: Switch out your microgreens for the meat-based version and you’ll never go back! Shop in store or online at

Meat-Based Plant Substitute Products

Delivery Boxes

In-store Products

Copywriter: Lucie Desvalleess

Diablo 4

Fantasy gaming should be an escape for anyone with a dark side, but female-identifying players are often excluded or harassed.

Diablo wants women to embrace their alter egos, connect with their coven, and raise hell.

Case Study Video 

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TikTok: Ai Filter

Brand Experience: Lady Anomaly

At Lady Anomaly, female-identifying players can unite over specialty cocktails and in bar game play. 

Logo Design

Bar Wallpaper: Use of coven symbol featured in the game.

Discord Page

A community powered by Diablo + Discord to promote empowerment in the female-identifying gaming community. A place to form covens, share experiences and discuss the future of the game.

AXE: Body Spray

2023 BC Sprint Winner

The Martin Agency asked us to get Gen Z men excited to go buy AXE in stores.

In the past AXE has pitched attraction as the best source of confidence. But, attraction certainly isn’t reliable for the pockmarked mid-puberty men who make up their core audience. We found a better source, and our strategy — Realign Gen Z men with the strongest source of confidence: their friends.


The Experience

STEP 1:  Buy a can of AXE and scan the code.

STEP 2: Submit one of the current dares.

Dares and smaller prizes are rotated and awarded frequently, while the big ticket prizes are completely

STEP 3: Win epic prizes and experiences.

These prizes allow AXE to insert itself into subcultures and build authentic social credibility.

Awareness: We tease the dares in stores...

...and promoted prizes with placements on TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube Shorts.

Snapchat: Create a localized Discover Page to showcase participant videos.

YouTube: Influencer Content

Recommended Influencers:

Pitch Video:

CW: Ryan King
ST: Will Russell
ST: Sabelle Chambers
XD: Paul Noonan
XD: ShuHan Tu


Runza is a sandwich shop in Nebraska. Nebraska is a great plain state and a Runza is a great plain sandwich. It’s a matter of fact.


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